Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internships

Getty Marrow Undergraduate
Los Angeles

The Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship Program exposes college students from backgrounds that have been underrepresented in the arts to careers in museums and visual arts organizations. 

The program offers paid internships in core areas of museum work such as curatorship, conservation, education, publications, and public programming.  No prior work experience in the arts is required. Applicants can major in any subject.

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Application Link;!!OM2WEIN1DMg!Frvo1EaSo3bbsO8D2DtU1SQwguFHNF_zcaC6FpJ30zFtZMlqjQfG0KQMzxhgRm_LWcNQlpqmNTenC21OnBTiZa4JhELMXdS_$
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